Tuesday Tidbits

Today is Election Day which means…

NO SCHOOOOL!  But the most important thing is that he got to spend the morning playing computer games! OMGYAY! That makes me the best mom ever in his book.

I made him his favorite breakfast.

Whole wheat buttery cinnamon toast and a glass of milk.  I haven’t made it for him in a while since he eats breakfast at school now, but during summer break when he was home for breakfast every day, I was Nature’s Own‘s most loyal consumer for sure.

Buttery nom noms aside, I had to get started doing what I always do on Tuesday mornings – start organizing my weekly grocery list for tomorrow’s town trip.  Yes, I start my grocery lists a day in advance.  We live so far away from town that it’s a huge inconvenience to forget something, mostly because I won’t turn around and go get it once we’ve started home.  Gas is too expensive for that crap!  I’m not the ideal shopping partner, I know.

I enjoyed my morning coffee in my (cracked) personalized coffee mug.  This thing has been with me many years through many moves…packing, unpacking, clanking around with other kitchen stuff…I’m surprised it only has the one little crack.  And it doesn’t leak!  Yay for ordinarily fragile objects being not so fragile after all!

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4 comments on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. AmandaAmanda says:

    I read OMGYAY as OMGAY.


  2. Manda says:

    Your son is adorable! And thanks for the comment on my blog!

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