Epic Couponing Fail

A few months ago I made the decision to try to become an extreme couponer.  I use the word ‘try’ very loosely because as much as I enjoy watching the money saving shenanigans of the couponing lifestyle unfold on t.v., I knew that I would probably only ever be an easy going ‘casual’ couponer at best.  And I’m not quite sure why I just emphasized the word casual with apostrophes.

I just don’t have it in me to dedicate that much of my life to clipping coupons and constantly being on top of those store circulars scouring for great deals.  The idea of saving buttloads of money is nice, but I really have to weigh my desire to save big money against my lack of desire to put forth ALL THAT EFFORT, GAH.

However I do print some out occasionally and use them when it’s convenient.  Like I said, easy going casual couponer at best.  Have low expectations and you won’t end up disappointed, amirite?

Recently I’ve been slacking off though because when I first started there were lots of printable coupons for stuff we actually eat/use.  Once, I even MATCHED a Kroger deal on Spaghettio’s WITH a coupon and got 10 cans for under $4.  I was SO PROUD OF MYSELF for putting all of my energy and super advanced organizational skills into that one transaction.  I was really sticking it to the man by stealing the Spaghettio’s right out from under his nose I tell you!

Then the coupons started getting really crappy.  I started seeing coupons for Depends underwear and baby food and stuff…things that are considered useful by some people but not me.  So I kinda stopped looking for coupons and deals after weeks of seeing nothing that interested me.

Tonight I visited a few printable coupon sites for the first time in weeks just to see if anything new had come along and wouldn’t you know, there is ALL KINDS OF SHIT on there that I would totally use.  And I’m kicking myself because currently, I have no way to print any of them.  My printer spazzed out last week and it’s not looking good…I’m not sure if he’ll EVER be able to print again.

Of course.

I guess I WON’T be able to save that whopping $1 on a tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.  And I guess I’ll HAVE to pay full price for my favorite brand of trash bags after all.  OH, THE SAVINGS I’M MISSING OUT ON.  My dream house will just have to wait.

So tell me which is more sad.  The fact that this situation has ever-so-slightly ruined my life, OR the fact that I found the whole thing worthy of an entire blog post?


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