Mario Mushroom Toes!

I had a long, stressful day at work today and decided to paint my nails tonight while I relaxed.  But I wanted to do something different…something fun and creative.

I guess the Nintendo fangirl in me came out in a big way, because this is what I came up with…

Weeee, they make me so happy, even though the 1ups are horribly disfigured and my toes are an abomination to humankind.  I don’t care though!  Not bad for a first attempt at nail art (is that what it’s called?  That’s what I’m calling it.)

I’ll even tell you how I did it, in case anyone wants to know and try it out for themselves.


You’ll need some white, red, and green nail polish, in case that isn’t blatantly obvious from the photo.

You’ll also need: nail polish remover, a few Q-Tips, a toothpick, and a fine-tipped black Sharpie marker.

(Quick note about green polish: I ran into a minor problem because the only shade of green polish I have is a very bright green, almost neon.  Definitely not true to 1up mushroom form.  So, I mixed a few drops of bright green on a paper plate with a couple of drops of a dark blue color that I had.  Mix it around with a toothpick until it’s nicely blended.  Voila! You have dark green.  Use a Q-Tip to apply.)

Step 1: Apply 2-3 coats of white polish to all your nails.

Step 2: Once the white dries, take your red OR green polish and carefully paint a horizontal line across the midpoint of your toenail.  Fill in the top half with the color.  It will probably take at least 2 coats to make it solid enough so that the white doesn’t show underneath.

Step 3: While you’re waiting for all that mess to dry (and if you’re like me, you’ll definitely have a mess at this point), unscrew the lid of your nail polish remover and pour a little bit into the cap.  Soak one end of a Q-Tip, then rub it around the edges of your nails to get extra polish off your skin.  We want our mushrooms to look as neat and tidy as possible!

Step 4: Time to apply the dots and it’s really quite simple.  Dip brush into your white polish but DON’T wipe off all the excess on the sides.  You’ll need a little bit extra to just carefully ‘dot’ in various places.  It’s a little more tedious to do on the smaller toes.  Just 2 or 3 teeny tiny dots is all it takes.

Step 5: Please listen to me when I say WAIT FOR YOUR DOTS TO DRY BEFORE MOVING ON.  They’re very easily smeared, and having to start over at this point really, really blows.  Don’t ask me how I know.


This step is pretty self explanatory.  Once all the polish is dry, with your Sharpie draw 2 vertical parallel lines in the white part of each nail.  The ‘eyes’ should touch the color at the top, but NOT go all the way down to the cuticle.

Be creative with your colors and have fun!




2 comments on “Mario Mushroom Toes!

  1. Cori says:

    Yay One Up toes! Trust me, my toes are way worse than yours. For some reason my big toes are like these massive monster toes that may or may not have eat like ten other toes in utero.

  2. Jordi says:

    I’m Soo going to do this!

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