Yeah, I’m blogging about apples today

Okay, so what’s my most favorite thing about Fall?


Yeah I know this is ‘Merica and you can technically get them any time of year.  But this is when they’re at their peak! The best!

Actually to be more specific, HoneyCrisp is my favorite apple of all time, barely beating out the classic Granny Smith which was my personal favorite since childhood.  I still love ol’ granny though.

And apples get extra credit in my book because: they’re like, the perfect snack.  Healthy, tasty, and there’s not even any packaging to have to worry with.  Unless you consider the skin a nuisance.  But I don’t.  I like foods that are easy to put in my face at a moments notice. JUDGE NOT AN APPLE BY THE WAXINESS OF ITS SKIN.

I actually had another blog post all planned out for today, but then I got hungry and the bowl of apples distracted me.

Now nothing else seems to matter.


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