You girls and your nail polish photos

I’ve been seeing these everywhere lately, and I want to be cool too!  Let’s see if I can do this right.

Hmm, okay.  Clearly I have not quite mastered the ‘polish bottle clutch’ as I refer to it, where your nails are all neatly aligned along the bottle to make the photo more aesthetically pleasing.  Apparently this part takes practice.

Also, I feel like my awkward polish bottle clutch makes my hand look less like an attempt to show the color of my nails and more like an attempt to show you how it would look if Davy Jones painted his crab claw in glittery black and then took a picture of it.

I also see where I painted outside the lines on a few nails…okay, all the nails.  But hey, it was Saturday night and the kid was at a sleepover and Josh called me just as I was starting to do this and he was all, “I’m almost home. LET’S GET CRAZY AND GO GET SOME POPEYE’S CHICKEN.”

And I’m all, “I’m TRYING to paint my nails right now in the peace and quiet.  You’re ruining it.”

And he’s all, “Yeah, HURRY THAT SHIT UP THEN.”

So I did, because fried chicken became a priority in that moment.

I’m not proud of this.




4 comments on “You girls and your nail polish photos

  1. Nina Amelia says:

    Dude, I’ll let you paint my nails any day. When I finally get an acceptable result then I celebrate by banging my nails into everything before they are completely dry in my pathetic attempt to be sexy and efficient at the same time :s

  2. i displayed my nail polish of the week on my blog, but i gave up on doing the skillful nail polish bottle grab thing as I am not that coordinated, and I don’t think my hands are very photogenic 😦 and there should be no shame in fried chicken. in fact, the other night i had bacon ranch cheese fries from white castle (i know, i know). i wanted to hate them SO BAD because 1) it’s white castle and 2) it’s bacon ranch cheese fries, but they were so good. i couldn’t even be embarrassed about it.

  3. Karin says:

    Hah, I tried taking nail polish photos myself a while ago. Let me tell you you’ve done a much(!) better job than me. 😛 I don’t understand how those beauty bloggers do it, it’s impossible to get the fingers aligned AND show the bottle nicely AND hold the camera at the right angle.

    Also, fried chicken is always a priority. Just saying.

  4. Jordi says:

    Im a little late, but I just wanted to say I do this all the time!! Lol, it washes off your skin when you take a shower anyway. Just paint your nails before you shower. Yay.

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