It’s Thanksgiving and stuff

‘Happy Thanksgiving’ posts are obligatory for us Americans, eh?  I can taste my mom’s famous pumpkin pie as we speak.  But it’s another 9 hours before we go there.  Boo.

Food coma: she’s does it right.

My plans for the day include showering unreasonably early (like right after I get done with this) so that my hair will dry naturally and be in an acceptable condition for styling (it must be pampered before it decides to work with me).  After that we’ll crash in on Josh’s grandmother’s tiny apartment for some yummy foodstuffs, an endless river of desserts, and socializing with his side of the family.

After we get home from there I’ll have to make a mad dash to the kitchen to make some homemade dinner rolls that I offered to make for dinner at MY parent’s house.  The ‘plan-ahead’ part of me told me to make them yesterday so I wouldn’t be rushed and stressed out today. But then I decided that would be quite gross, as you just can’t have day-old bread on Thanksgiving.  So rushed and stressed I shall be!

On an unrelated note: today is the 24th which means only 6 more days until NaBloPoMo is over.  I almost can’t believe I’ve been able to keep up!

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.


Be safe if you’re travelling.  Enjoy the time you get to spend with your loved ones today.  It’s a privilege denied to so many.



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