Some A’s for your Q’s

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who asked questions on Saturday’s Q&A post!  You have made my life – for pretending to care about my mundane shenanigans. (Just kidding, I know I’m mad interesting yo). Not really. Maybe a little.


Here are your questions answered.

Dez asked…

What types of games are you into?

Wii – Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart Wii

Xbox 360 – Dance Central 1 & 2. (I once tried playing Call of Duty multiplayer with Josh…I completely suck at it).

Nintendo DS – All the Lego installments…and of course New Super Mario Bros.  I really like Mario games, can you tell?

Phone – I’m totally hooked on Words With Friends!

What made you decide to lose weight?

Last January I saw some candid pictures of me taken at a Christmas gathering and I cringed.  I just decided that I was tired of being tired, overweight, and unhappy with my body.  It was at that point I decided to change it.

What are some of your favorite meals?

Oh man, this will be  tough one because I LOVE to eat.  Some of my favorites are Spaghetti with garlic bread sticks, homemade soups (chicken noodle, vegetable beef, bean & tomato), and chili.  I also love this trio: marinated grilled chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes!

What turns you off in a friendship?

When the other person has a constant ‘woe is me’ attitude for no good reason and/or they are always unhappy or unappreciative for what they have.  I’m not a fan of pity parties, and I don’t attend the ones I’m invited to.

Sassyray asked…

What’s the last good book you read?

“The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.  Really great read about an ‘end of times’ scenario!

What do you miss most about being a kid?

Being stress and worry free.  Not having to worry about finances, a career, the mortgage, car repair…I remember a time when my biggest complaint about any given day was going to school and learning things.  Maybe even writing some things down on paper.  Man, I had it rough.  If it were only still that simple.  How great would it be just to be able to go back and have NOTHING TO DO except play ‘beach’ with my barbies in the bathroom sink all afternoon until time for dinner – one that I didn’t have to plan for, pay for, or cook…I should really thank my mom more often!

What 2 things could you not live without?

Assuming we’re talking about material possessions here, I’d have to say I could go without most modern day luxuries if I had to – internet, tv, cell phone, etc.  Not saying I would LIKE it (it would totally suck…suck real hard), but I could do it. As long as I still had my family, I’d make it just fine!



2 comments on “Some A’s for your Q’s

  1. Carolynne says:

    I agree on the things you miss about being a kid. Sure we had little responsibilities like chores, but money and such was so not an issue. *sigh*

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