I live out in the boonies of the Bluegrass State with my husband, Josh, our 7-year-old-king-of-the-second-grade son, Dylan, and by far the most lovingly annoying tabby cat we call Bumblebee.  But just because we call her that, doesn’t mean she responds to it.

I myself am 23 years old.  If you’ve done the math, you’d realize that made me 16 years old when my son was born.  Now, collect your breath.  Believe it or not, I’m the same as any other normal, ordinary, 23 year old woman you would pass on the street.  I just happened to be a teen mom.  Despite what MTV would like you to believe, not all of us are complete social rejects, whiny moochers, or epic disappointments to our parents & community alike.  I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles and adversity in my young age to ensure that my family is as happy, well adjusted, and blissfully normal as possible.  And we are just that.  My life is all I could ever want it to be.

I work part-time in a restaurant, and I find a strange, comforting pleasure in organizing my finances each week and having a steady, semi-strict budget.  That’s weird, I know.  But I sleep better at night when I know that everything we need is accounted for and that money coming in > money going out.

My weight loss story

In January 2011, I made the decision to change my lifestyle and lose weight in the best, most natural ways that I could.  No pills, crazy fad diets, intentionally starving myself, surgery, et cetera & so on.  I’ve lost 50 pounds.  How did I do it?  By learning to prepare and eat healthier foods at home (though decadent breads & melty cheeses are still my BFF’s), and exercising regularly.   Seems easy, huh? That’s all it took to change my body.  To change my mind, however, I had to learn discipline (hey, those weights aren’t going to just lift themselves), consistency (nothing changes by doing something once or twice and then quitting), and finding the will to forgive myself  and keep pressing on each time I hit a wall and felt like giving up.  The most difficult part about losing weight is getting your mind and your body to want to work together toward the same goal at the same time.  If I could only offer one piece of advice to someone who wants to lose weight, it would be that.

Other Stuff

Even though I spend a great amount of time these days concentrating on fitness & food, I also get my kicks by crocheting awesome things, cooking & baking, experimenting with new foods, anything D.I.Y., pretending to be a good photographer, and watching excessively violent t.v. shows.

Also, I’m completely addicted to Pinterest.

Why ‘A Fine Reflection’?

For me, ‘A Fine Reflection’ has a couple of different meanings.  It’s a constant reminder, one that I personally need every day, that no matter how much my body has changed for better or worse, I’m still me.  My weight doesn’t define me, and your weight doesn’t define you.  It reminds me that no matter how badly a person picks themselves apart in the mirror, they’ll always have a fine reflection.  There is so much more to making a person who they are than what shows on the exterior.

The other reason I chose it is because I want this blog to be a (mostly) positive outlet.  I want to try my best to remain positive & uplifting in my posts, er, my ‘reflections’ at the end of the day.

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