Sunday nights are for TV

At my house anyway.

We love The Walking Dead and Dexter.  They both come on at the same time and we often have trouble deciding which to watch first! Also, am I alone in being slightly depressed because tonight is the mid season finale of The Walking Dead? :/ Lamesauce.

But speaking of Dexter, I wanted to share this portrait I drew of him last year.  This is the most recent portrait I’ve drawn in quite some time, which kinda sucks because drawing is something I really enjoy doing.  Lately though, it’s just been hard to focus and put any heart into it.  I don’t bother picking up a pencil if I know I won’t have the patience to pay attention the minute details.  I don’t want my drawings to be lackluster.

I’m proud of this one though.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

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