Sauce packets

I am just one of the many people in this world who holds on to things with the intent of actually finding them useful in the near future. Waste not, want not as the saying goes.  I particularly like collecting sauce packets from restaurants.

I always pick up the pile and try to put them back where they belong.  Then I try again when they fall. And again. And again.

Until finally…

And then the cycle starts again soon afterward.  I never learn.




Cheese punch

Everything in our refrigerator has its rightful place.  For instance, I like to keep the cheese comfortably nestled on the right side.  Usually, it looks something like this when you open the door.

Nice and neat.  Zen fridge.  But the other day, I opened the door to find this.

Cheese slices everywhere!  Violently ripped from their cozy package and strewn about!  So what in the hell happened?

I think I have it figured out.  I was in the middle of doing nothing one night, dozing off on the couch.  Josh went to the kitchen for a snack.  I heard rustling around in the fridge, noises, crinkling of paper, a loud noise, expletives declared.  I thought nothing of it and went to sleep.  I should have known he’d be destroying things.  Since I wasn’t there to see it, here’s my explanation for how we got from point A to point B.

He opens the fridge door.

Result: cheese massacre.

It all makes perfect sense now.