Some unfinished business

Well, fiddlesticks.

It recently dawned on me that there are several ongoing projects of mine that I have yet to get around to finishing.  I am the world’s worst about starting something, forgetting about it, then moving on to the next super cool thing.

Josh has suffered the most from my weakened motivation.  I promised him months ago that I would crochet an awesome super comfy hat for him for the winter.  It’s now mid November and this is as far as I’ve gotten…

I’m currently failing around the world  in a failboat.

I also need to finish this book.

I started reading it on our trip home from Gulf Shores, AL this past summer and I’m over halfway finished with it.  I had every intention of picking it up again, but unless I’m forced to sit still for long periods of time (such as during a long, monotonous road trip for example), it’s difficult for me to make myself sit down, focus on the story, and NOT have my mind telling me about the other 643726264720 things I should be doing instead. (It’s been a really great read though).

I also have craploads of photos on multiple SD cards that I’ve collected for the past couple of years that I haven’t yet printed.  Again, good intentions, lack of motivation.  When I think about the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I’ll have to edit, save, upload, print…makes my head spin!  So clearly the logical thing to do is keep taking MOAR PIKSHURS to add to the problem.

I’ve decided to dedicate at least part of this weekend to finishing up these things.  Yay for productivity!